Fellowship Service Discipline
We are brothers and sisters, a second family. We are equals in dignity, and at the same time we acknowledge our diversity of backgrounds, skills, talents, and interests. Our clan is part of the larger community. We extend friendship and aid to our fellow exiles. We have faith that our good deeds will be repaid many times over in the long run. In times of crisis, we must act together with intelligence and grace. We respect initiative and heroism, but those who are selfish or impulsive often bring disaster on their comrades as well as themselves.

Your strength gives us the power to hunt
     in these enchanted lands of our exile.
We need your strength, White Elephant.

Your dignity gives us understanding hearts
     and reveals the wisdom of the Ancients.
We need your dignity, White Elephant.

Your spirit gives us hope that we might rise again
     against the endless reign of the Emperor Mobius.
We need your spirit, White Elephant.

Your compassion gives us the desire
     to assist our fellow exiles who have fallen.
We need your compassion, White Elephant.

Your courage gives us the freedom to succeed
     against the villainy of evil intention.
We need your courage, White Elephant.

For these, we thank and honor you.
Lead us to victory, White Elephant.